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At Steam Brite Dayton, we’re about creating a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones. 

Using eco-friendly and child-safe products, we tackle everything from everyday dirt and spills to the toughest pet odors and stains, leaving your space fresh and revitalized. 

So, whether you’re in Beavercreek, Kettering, or right here in Dayton, you can count on us to bring our best to your doorstep.

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What You Should Expect from Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Dayton, OH

Initial Deep Clean Prep

Our approach begins with an exclusive deep clean prep formula, a powerful yet safe concoction that targets the heart of the dirt. 

This formula softens up the tough spots and stains, ensuring they’re primed for a thorough cleaning. It’s our first step in making sure your carpets are not just cleaned but deeply revitalized.

Targeted Stain Removal

Steam Brite Dayton doesn’t shy away from a challenge—our targeted stain removal service is proof of that. Wine, coffee, or pet accidents, each stain is approached with a tailored treatment strategy, employing industry-leading techniques. 

With options like our PowerScrub for only an additional $25 per room, we can tackle even the most stubborn stains, ensuring they’re lifted and your carpet’s appearance is renewed.

Comprehensive Odor Neutralization

Our approach begins with an exclusive deep clean prep formula, a powerful yet safe concoction that targets the heart of the dirt. 

This formula softens up the tough spots and stains, ensuring they’re primed for a thorough cleaning. It’s our first step in making sure your carpets are not just cleaned but deeply revitalized.

Effective Steam Cleaning

Beyond just cleaning, steam cleaning deeply sanitizes your carpets, eradicating dirt, allergens, and germs with the power of hot water extraction. 

It’s a gentle yet effective way to cleanse, ensuring your carpets are safe for everyone and ready for quick reuse.

Reasons to Opt for Our Dayton, OH Carpet Cleaning Expertise

Years of Carpet Cleaning Mastery

Since opening our doors in 2016, Steam Brite Dayton has been committed to the craft of carpet cleaning, amassing a wealth of experience. 

We’re a locally owned business with master-certified cleaners and powerful van-mounted equipment to provide unmatched service quality. 

Each cleaning project is an opportunity for us to showcase our dedication and skill in restoring carpets to their pristine condition.

Family-Safe, Pet-Friendly Solutions

Your family’s health and safety are paramount. That’s why we use only the safest, eco-friendly cleaning products. No harsh chemicals, no worrying about the kids or pets—just clean, fresh carpets you can feel good about.

The Latest in Cleaning Innovation

Our gear? Top-notch. We stay ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest in cleaning technology. This means more efficient cleaning, faster drying times, and less disruption to your day. We’re all about cleaning your carpets with the least fuss possible, which is why most of our customers only return to us.

Steam Brite
Steam Brite

A Team You Can Trust

Trust is huge for us. We aren’t just skilled—we’re insured, licensed, and trained to meet the highest standards. 

Plus, we’re friendly! From the moment we enter your home, you’ll feel comfortable having us around, knowing your carpets are in the best hands.

No Hidden Charges with Steam Brite

At Steam Brite, we believe in transparent, honest pricing. Every job is unique, and it can sometimes be difficult to quote an exact price over the phone without seeing it. The job may require special treatment like stain removal, restoration, or other specific requirements. Rest assured, you’ll know the full, accurate price upfront – no hidden charges, no surprises.

Our Guarantee: Your Satisfaction

At the end of the day, it’s your happiness that counts. Backed by our 10-day guarantee, we ensure complete satisfaction with every cleaning service. 

We’re committed to making it right if anything isn’t up to your standards.

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Specialized Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH

First impressions matter when it comes to your business. That’s why Steam Brite Dayton offers specialized commercial carpet cleaning services that keep your office, storefront, or commercial space looking its best. 

We understand the unique needs of businesses in Dayton, OH, and provide flexible scheduling to ensure your operations run smoothly without downtime. 

Let us help you maintain a clean, professional environment that welcomes your customers and employees!

Ready for Any Emergency

Facing an unexpected spill or water damage? Steam Brite Dayton offers prompt emergency services to address your urgent cleaning needs swiftly and efficiently. With our team on call, peace of mind is just a phone call away.

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Dayton, OH FAQs

Which Carpet Cleaning Method is Best: Shampooing, Dry Cleaning, or Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning, without a doubt! It’s the gold standard for deep cleaning and sanitizing your carpets without harsh chemicals. 

It removes dirt, allergens, and germs more effectively and is safe for all types of carpets. 

Plus, it’s eco-friendly, which is always a win in our book.

What Pre-Cleaning Steps Should I Take Before Your Arrival?

Before we arrive for your carpet’s transformation, we kindly ask you to clear the area of personal belongings and small, movable items. 

While our team is prepared to assist with light furniture, we advise that heavier items remain in place. This lets us immediately focus on rejuvenating your carpets upon arrival.

Are You Able to Eliminate Various Types of Carpet Stains?

Absolutely! From red wine spills to muddy footprints and everything in between, we’re on it. Our team comes equipped with the right tools and treatments to tackle various stains, always with the utmost care for your carpet’s fibers.

How Long Until My Carpets are Dry and Ready for Use Post-Cleaning?

Usually, after cleaning, you can expect your carpets to be dry and foot-traffic ready in 6 to 24 hours. We use efficient methods that not only clean deeply but also allow for quicker drying times.

Is My Presence Required During the Carpet Cleaning Process?

It’s not a must, but it’s nice to have you around. If you have any special instructions or need to point out specific areas, it helps. Otherwise, we can handle things while you take care of your day. We’ll call when we’re on our way!

Is It Possible to Eradicate Pet Smells from My Carpets?

Yes, indeed! Pets are part of the family, but their smells don’t have to be. Our cleaning method involves specific treatments designed to eliminate pet odors, ensuring your carpets are left with a clean and fresh scent.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

Pioneering Green Carpet Cleaning Techniques in Dayton, OH

At Steam Brite Dayton, we value eco-friendly cleaning that safeguards your health and the planet. Embracing green methods, we ensure your carpets are clean and cared for with the environment in mind. 

Join us as we lead Dayton toward a cleaner, greener future.