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100% Biodegradable and Non-Hazardous Cleaning Products

Are you looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company in Centerville, OH, to clean and disinfect your carpets without harsh, VOC-laden chemicals? 

We’re Steam Brite, the eco-friendly carpet cleaning company. We give your home a fresh and inviting look without subjecting you and your loved ones to artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals. 

Our 100% biodegradable and non-hazardous cleaning solutions are effective on almost all stains and odors. Contact us today, and let’s get the carpet cleaning started!

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Steam Brite

Our Simple and Effective Process for Centerville Carpet Cleaning


Inspection and Pre-treatment

We thoroughly inspect your carpets to identify heavily soiled or smeared areas. Based on this evaluation, we customize our cleaning approach, selecting the most effective solutions and techniques to ensure optimal results. 

We recommend vacuuming before our arrival to facilitate a more effective cleaning process for homes that haven’t been vacuumed recently.

Once assessed, we proceed with pre-treatment, applying enzyme-based solutions specifically designed to loosen dust, dirt, and discoloration. We pay particular attention to spaces beneath heavy furniture to ensure comprehensive coverage.


Stain Removal

We employ a variety of hypoallergenic, chemical-free products for stains, each formulated for different types of stains, such as food, beverages, or pet accidents. 

We’ll spot-treat these for thorough removal, though we advise that some tougher stains, such as those from oils, bleach, and chemicals, may not be completely eliminated. Our team will inform you about these cases to maintain transparency.


Odor Removal

Following stain removal, we address odors using tailored deodorizers that target specific types of smells rather than merely masking them. 

Our approach eliminates the odor source deep within the carpet fibers, ensuring a lasting freshness that enhances indoor air quality.


Hot Water Extraction

The subsequent step involves hot water extraction, where we inject steaming water mixed with a cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure. 

This method reaches deep into the fibers of your carpet, loosening and removing entrenched dirt and pathogens and significantly reducing allergens.



After extraction, we apply a neutralizing solution to balance any remaining odors and ensure no sticky residue is left behind, which is a common drawback of lower-quality cleaning products.


Carpet Protector Application

Finally, we enhance your carpet’s defenses with a protective coating that protects against dust, spills, and daily wear and tear. This protector keeps your carpets clean and smear-free for longer and extends their lifespan.

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Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Centerville, Oh Services

Expert Team, Bespoke Service

Our solid team of eight seasoned, experienced, and licensed carpet cleaning professionals. They’re experts in assessing unique carpet and stain needs and selecting the right products and procedures for the best possible outcome. 

All our staff routinely undergoes the necessary training to keep up with the latest industry standards, guaranteeing you the highest quality workmanship.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Technology

Our powerful and advanced cleaning equipment effectively removes smears, dust, and dirt from deep within the carpet’s core without harming the fibers. It extracts as much moisture as possible due to its exceptional suction capacity, making carpets dry faster. 

Faster drying time means minimal downtime and inconvenience—which is what Steam Brite is committed to providing its customers with.

Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic Cleaning Solutions

We are an eco-conscious, professional carpet cleaning company in Centerville, OH. Our products do not cause excessive foaming and require less water for cleaning. 

Rest assured, our green cleaning solutions promise the same excellent results you expect from chemical-based cleaners. In fact, they’re even better: 100% safe for pets, kids, and people with allergies or breathing difficulties, such as asthma.

Steam Brite
Steam Brite

Competitive Pricing

We do not overcharge our clients just because we use organic products. As your local carpet cleaning company in Centerville, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. 

We want to build long-term relationships with our clients, so we strive hard to balance quality with affordability. 

Feel free to get in touch for thorough property cleanings.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

We promptly respond and provide urgent solutions for emergencies like floods, burst pipes, and leaking roofs.

Our team will reach you quickly in our service van, which is well-equipped with powerful extractors and pumps to remove water from the carpets and surrounding areas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you feel that our cleaning did not meet your expectations, you can let us know within ten days, and we’ll gladly re-clean your carpets at no additional charge. This is part of our commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Hear It Directly from Our Customers

Everyone who hired Steam Brite as their professional carpet cleaner was happy with the service. The proof is in the pudding!

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All Our Services

Our eco-friendly cleaning services include…

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Removal
Odor Treatment
Spot & Stain Removal

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Hardwood/LVP Cleaning

Hardwood/LVP Cleaning

Area Rugs

Area Rugs Cleaning


Mattress Cleaning

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FAQs – Carpet Cleaning Services in Centerville, OH

What is the cost of carpet cleaning services in Centerville, OH?

Our carpet cleaning rates are $69 for two areas, each up to 250 square feet. Additional charges apply for larger areas. We provide accurate quotes over the phone for residential properties and prefer to inspect commercial sites and ensure precision. Remember that our minimum charge is $69, which may increase based on the distance traveled.

Do you assist with moving furniture?

We help move light items like coffee tables and chairs to clean underneath but do not handle heavy or delicate items such as pianos and china cabinets. Please clear these items before our team’s arrival to facilitate cleaning.

When can I walk on my carpets after cleaning?

You can walk on your carpets immediately after cleaning, but for best results, we recommend limiting traffic until they dry completely, typically within 6 to 24 hours. For quicker drying, enhance airflow using heating, air conditioning, or dehumidifiers, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Are all types of stains removable?

While our advanced, deep cleaning solutions remove the most common stains, such as food and pet accidents, some substances may cause permanent discoloration. Our experts will evaluate such stains and discuss potential outcomes before proceeding with cleaning.

What are the advantages of hot water extraction?

Unlike shampooing, which can leave residues, and vacuuming, which is less effective against deep stains and odors, hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) removes dust, stains, and odors more effectively. The high temperatures also eliminate pathogens, allergens, and mites, enhancing the cleanliness and safety of your carpets.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Centerville, OH!

Our biodegradable products are tough on stains but gentle on the carpets. Unlike harsh chemicals, they won’t break down the fibers or weaken the materials.

So, if you want to give your carpet the care it deserves…